YOGA - Waff Medium Classic

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The Waff Medium Classic is the perfect partner for your yoga practice.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced yoga practitioner, Waff Medium Classics provide engage your entire body, while challenging your balance and body control.

Waff Mediums help reflexively (effortlessly) correct your posture without having to think about it. This only gets more pronounced with lasting results.

The Waff Medium provides all the sensory feedback you need to realign yourself and activate the appropriate tissues in any pose.

By strengthening your nervous system’s communication with your tissues, you’ll experience a deeper connection between mind and body.

On top of that, you’ll be able to experience these body awareness, mobility, and strength benefits without joint compression or pain.

The Waff Medium Classic allows you to open your eyes to your body more easily, you become more lucid. It rebalances, it recruits the muscles in depth with more amplitude. It is very gentle, yet very perceptible. BPM Free, without phthalates.

The Waff Medium Classic allows you to feel more present in your body by increasing your felt sensory awareness. It helps you activate the right muscles in the right patterns at the right time. It is a very gentle, yet engaging stimulus.

The Waff Medium Classic allows you to reconnect with your body more easily for expanded physical, mental, and emotional fitness. It helps promote balance and stimulates full body engagement in any movement or pose. It’s made for all fitness levels and scalable for any body.