Strength & Balance from the Ground Up

Portable, air-filled trainers that boost mind-body connection. Use them to enhance client sessions or elevate training intensity.

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Advanced balance and strength training, trusted by these movement partners.

Waff Classic

With injury prevention, rehabilitation, performance, and recovery benefits, WAFFs are the best way to train the mind and the body.

Waff Elite

WAFFs offer the ultimate blend of mind and body training, delivering unmatched benefits in injury prevention, rehabilitation, performance, and recovery.

Key Features

Waff enhances mobility, improved stability and balance, and elevated stress relief with our innovative tools and techniques.

Expanded Range of Movement

The expanded range of movement enables greater flexibility and adaptability in various situations.

Cognitive-Muscular Link

The cognitive-muscular link enhances coordination and precision in movement.

Improve Stability & Balance

Enhancing stability and balance leads to better performance in various activities.

Elevated Stress Release

Elevated Stress Release promotes overall well-being and relaxation.

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Over 200 exercises and a flexible program


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