Activate full-body wellness with Waff

Whichever Waff you use, experience amplified sensations from the very first moments.

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Posture, balance, muscle strengthening, cardio, flexibility, reflexes, explosiveness, and general physical activity, deep relaxation—our partners leverage Waff for their teams, clients, or patients.

Waff Classic

With injury prevention, rehabilitation, performance, and recovery benefits, WAFFs are the best way to train the mind and the body.

Waff Elite

WAFFs offer the ultimate blend of mind and body training, delivering unmatched benefits in injury prevention, rehabilitation, performance, and recovery.

Key Features

Range of use

The expanded range of movement enables greater flexibility and adaptability in various situations.

Neuromuscular impact

The signals between the brain and the muscle chains are amplified instantly.

Stability and mobility

Enhanced awareness of body schema and physical potential.

Nervous system

Optimal activation or deactivation of the central nervous system.

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