Waff Mini

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Level: Classic

Improved Balance & Proprioception

Enhanced Reflexes

Deeper Muscular Stimulation

Increased Sensory Awareness

Why the Mini?

The Waff Mini is accessible, practical and efficient! Benefits from the Mini are Balance, core development, strength (via increased muscular engagement), mobility, injury prevention, posture & pain relief (as a pad for sitting, driving, yoga & meditation).

Classic Vs. Elite

Start off with the Classic or take on the next level Elite!



Strength Level

Beginner - Intermediate

Intermediate - Advanced

Material Type

Offers a solid, comparitively more stable material.

Offers a reactive, comparitively more un-stable material.

User Level

Perfect for yoga practitioners, active adults, early injury rehab, basic fitness training, to capture simple posture & pain relief benefits, youth sports & fitness, as well as beginner users in general

Perfect for athletes, advanced yoga practitioners, sports rehab, injury durability, more advanced levels of fitness, as well as users who have plenty of experience with Waff Classics.


Full Length Workouts To Follow Along From Home!

Anterior chain strength and cardio

Place both hands on a Waff Mini and set yourself up in a plank position.

From here, raise your knees one at a time in rhythm in a mountain climber movement.

Maintain upper body control and alignment throughout.

Keep your breathing regular.

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Core strength and midline stability

Position yourself in a side plank, one hand centered on the Waff Mini, arms outstretched and your legs stretched out with your feet on the ground one on top of the other.

Find your balance by lifting your top leg.

Then in a dynamic movement bend your knee towards your elbow and straighten without resting your foot.

Breathe evenly and switch sides after your first set.

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Front line core development

Position yourself lying on your back on your 2 Waff Minis.

One under the pelvis and lower back, the other under the shoulder blades and head.

Keep your arms on the ground at your sides and bring your knees bent in the air above the pelvis.

Extend your legs skyward and forward at about a 45 degree angle while keeping your back supported by the Waff. Maintain body alignment, then return to the starting position.

Keep natural breathing during the exercise.

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Coordinate and strengthen the front chain

Position yourself centered on all fours, legs on your Waff Minis.

Your feet are off the ground and your spine stays aligned.

Maintaining your alignment and support, move your body weight in a circle around your 4 points of contact.

The more comfortable you are, the more you can increase the range of motion.

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Coordination and strengthening of the hip-core intersection

Position yourself lying down with your back centered on your two Waff Minis.

Your legs rise outstretched towards the sky, the hands rest on the ground on each side of the body.

Slowly and controlled, initiate a scissor movement with your legs.

Maintain natural breathing during the exercise.

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Strengthening and coordination of the anterior chain

Position yourself lying on your back on your 2 Waff Minis.

The pelvis and lower back on the first and the shoulder blades and head on the second.

Start your knees bent above the pelvis as well as your arms bent above your chest.

Extend one leg and your opposite arm while maintaining your balance.

Then alternate with the other side.

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