FITNESS - Waff Mini Elite

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Waff Mini Elite is designed for people of all ages with a sporting profile to be used during activities ranging from balance training, muscle strengthening, stretching and cardio-muscular training to improving posture, stability & mobility, coordination, and stamina. 

The Waff Mini Elite is made from a polyurethane base, which provides a more challenging dynamic reactivity than its entry-level sibling, Waff Mini Classic.

Waff Mini Elite is bio-degradable and earth friendly, making it a win-win product for humansandthe environment.  

  • Space required 20 sqft
  • Diameter 14.2 Inch
  • inflating time 30 second with the mouth.
  • maximum weight 360 pounds
  • BPM free, without Phthalates
The main benefits obtained from a Waff medium workout (30 minutes) :


  • A global body work
  • A impact on the deep muscular chains
  • No pain or contraints
  • An activation of the central nervous system.