About Us

This digital model was designed with the intricacies of the human body in mind.
What you now know as Waff originally started out as nothing more than a virtual 3D render. This digital model was designed with the intricacies of the human body in mind.

The idea was to create a reactive surface device that was as perfectly adapted to the human form and its three main positions - standing, sitting and lying down - as possible. The device had to be able to accommodate people of all shapes and sizes, as well as their varying fitness levels and ability to move through space.

The device was designed to accommodate people between one foot and over seven feet tall, and all of us in between. The idea was to support the musculoskeletal system and stimulate the nervous system to fire or relax appropriately for health & performance.

The initial results were spectacular, although we still had work to do to refine the process, so that the virtual potential of this device could be actualized in the real world. Perseverance can bring both luck and rewards. We were lucky to have both.

After multiple attempts with materials that were either a little too heavy, soft, reactive, unsuitable, expensive, not in line with our vision, or non-ecological, we imagined the inflatable model you see today.
At this point, we have created and tested the first prototype of maximum size (our large size). Athletes and individuals have all been tested at the National Institute of Sport and Performance (INSEP) in Paris. After full, sometimes grueling workouts, athletes would lie on the device only to let out a long exhaled "waaafffff". a sound of peace, relaxation and well-being.

Thus, the name WAFF was born.

We were thrilled to finally have a name for this innovation designed with the health and well-being of mankind in mind.

Not many people know either, but we actually modeled the unique 'W' shape in the WAFF logo after the fully relaxed victory pose with hands behind head, a common sight to see with WAFF Max users.

We decided to produce two more prototypes: a mini and a medium for different functions and unique benefits, both with equally promising results. These later became the WAFF Mini and WAFF Medium training tools you see today.
While we are very grateful for our successes and positive impact so far, we envision WAFF being used en masse to help both athletes and the common man in professional sports, fitness training and re-education.

It was after this that we disconnected from one of our main investors, which necessitated a change of plans. Although we are still friends, this presented us with a unique challenge and opportunity. Although not the case at the time, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise and gave us time to continue refining and demonstrating proof of concept with WAFF.

Whenever you are working towards something bigger, keep in mind that what you may perceive as a setback or coincidence may also be a small sign of fate. A life signpost pointing you in the right direction and letting you know you're on the right track. Do not despair, keep the faith, believe in your work and, above all, believe in yourself. Let the time pass to show you that your work is making a difference and that you were on the right track all along.

At this point, we had to move from prototype to mass production. That meant developing materials, more time, and more tinkering. Then the WAFF Classic was born. The mechanical properties of the device make it a training device for all levels for the general public. Our goal was to make our tools accessible to everyone in terms of price and sustainable for the planet.

This is also true for our Elite series, which was developed for sports use and contains a more responsive material. Currently, WAFF Elites are used by athletes around the world and in many sports including the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, Olympics, UFC, and more.

Because of the fun challenge they present with the ability to gradually challenge themselves, athletes of all levels can benefit from including WAFFs in their training routine. With injury pr the benefits of the event, rehabilitation, performance and recovery, WAFFs are the best way to train mind and body.

Forget what you know about the proprioceptive devices of yore that have come and gone, the WAFF is the smartphone of responsive surface training tools.

Coaches, medical teams and performance specialists at the highest level use WAFF in their workflow. WAFF is also used to bolster fitness, pilates and yoga routines around the world.

Thanks to professional athletes and the media, the WAFF was able to gain a lot of visibility. This has led doctors from all disciplines of obesity, geriatrics, gynecology and many more to adopt it in their practice. WAFF continues to evolve and help people and conditions of all kinds, from pregnant women, developing children, home fitness, weight loss, neurodegeneration, neurological rehabilitation, aging good health, relaxation, sleep quality, back pain, posture, corporate wellness area, and beyond.

We now have a full educational suite which includes training &; using the WAFF for a variety of needs, from fitness to seniors to sports performance, all backed up by trained professionals in every space.

Whether you're a sports trainer, medical professional, or just someone who wants to improve their fitness, you can find wheels.