Waff Medio Clásico

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Título: Classic

Why the Medium?

More than an innovative ergonomic cushion, the Waff Medium offers a unique user experience. Benefits from the Medium are Advanced core development, increased balance demand, train full body movements & flow, dynamic sporting movements, injury prevention, and full body strength (via additional muscular engagement).

Classic Vs. Elite

Start off with the Classic or take on the next level Elite!



Strength Level

Beginner - Intermediate

Intermediate - Advanced

Material Type

Offers a solid, comparitively more stable material.

Offers a reactive, comparitively more un-stable material.

User Level

Perfect for yoga practitioners wanting to progress their routine, more intermediate levels of fitness training, basic full body mobility, youth sports & fitness, and more intermediate users.

Perfect for athletes, advanced yoga practitioners, sports rehab, injury durability, more advanced levels of fitness, full body strength training & mobility, as well as users who have plenty of experience with Waff Classics.


Full Length Workouts To Follow Along From Home!

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