Increased Range Of Motion

Mind-Muscle Connection

Enhanced Stability & Balance

Elevated Stress Release

Build Strength From The Ground Up

Waffs are portable, air-filled reactive surface trainers that strengthen the connection between your brain and your body. Waff can be used to enhance your own workflow with clients or be included as a way to intensify training.

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Your New Movement Partner

Enhance your body-mind connection, unlock new levels of strength and stability, and experience a profound sense of flow as you incorporate Waff into your movement.

Waff Collection


“One of the most incredible stability, decompression, form correcting products!”

Connect with your center

Challenge Yourself

Waff Mini

The Waff Mini brings a higher degree of felt sensory awareness to your body.. Designed like a vertebra (stable in the center and mobile around the perimeter), it helps auto-correct your movement in real time while also promoting proper alignment of the spine.

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Flow & Core Stability

Waff Medium

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced yoga practitioner, Waff Medium provide engage your entire body, while challenging your balance and body control.

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Unwind & Relax

Waff Max

Experience a complete sensation of wellbeing with the Waff Max Classic. Find a full reset release and improve your overall sleep quality.

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Which Waff is Best For You?

Waff Mini Clásico
Waff Mini Clásico Precio de ofertaDesde $40.00
Waff Medio Clásico
Waff Medio Clásico Precio de ofertaDesde $89.00
Waff max clásico
Waff max clásico Precio de ofertaDesde $199.00
Main Benefits

Balance, core development, strength (via increased muscular engagement), mobility, injury prevention, posture & pain relief.

Advanced core development, increased balance demand, train full body movements & flow, dynamic sporting movements, injury prevention, and full body strength.

Deep sleep, mindfulness, relaxation, posture & pain relief, stress release, decompression, brain wave boosting.

Best For

Yoga, pad for sitting, driving, & meditation.

Yoga, core strength training, & balance.

Meditation & relaxation.


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Enhance Your Proprioception

Turn Every Exercise Into A Core Exercise

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