Integrate Somatic Therapy in Your Recovery

Recharge Your Nervous System

Maximize Your Relaxation and Self-Care

Elevated Stress Release

Posture Restoration & Decompression

Enhanced Deep Sleep

Brain Wave Boosting

Float with the Max

Eliminate your stress and achieve ultimate muscular relaxation! With the Waff Max you can achieve deep meditation to recharge and reach your Max potential!

Waff max clásico

Precio de oferta$199.00
Título: Classic

How Alana Mesica Unwinds On The Waff Max

Classic Vs. Elite

Start off with the Classic or take on the next level Elite!



Strength Level

Beginner - Intermediate

Intermediate - Advanced

Material Type

Offers a solid, comparitively more stable material.

Offers a reactive, comparitively more un-stable material.

User Level

Perfect for improving sleep quality, relaxation, decompression, and mindfulness

Perfect for even deeper sleep, relaxation, decompression, deeper levels of mindfulness & stress release, as well as recovery from stressors of sport & life.


Full Length Workouts To Follow Along From Home!

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