Waff Ambassadors Program

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Share your love for Waff with the world!

What is the Waff Ambassadors Program?

The Waff Ambassadors Program is a community of Waff enthusiasts who love and use our products, Waff Mini, Waff Medium, and Waff Max. Our Ambassadors are passionate about sharing their experiences and knowledge with others, spreading the word about Waff and promoting our brand to their friends, family, and communities.

What are the Benefits of Being a Waff Ambassador?

Being a Waff Ambassador comes with many benefits, including:

  • Exclusive discounts and offers on Waff products
  • First access to new product releases and promotions
  • Opportunities to collaborate with Waff on social media and events
  • Recognition as a Waff brand representative

Who Can Become a Waff Ambassador?

To become a Waff Ambassador, you must:

  • Own at least one Waff product (Waff Mini, Waff Medium, or Waff Max)
  • Have an active presence on social media and a willingness to share about Waff
  • Be enthusiastic about Waff and our products

How Do I Join the Waff Ambassadors Program?

To join the Waff Ambassadors Program, simply click the link below to learn more and submit an application. We can't wait to have you on board as a Waff Ambassador!

Please note that as an ambassador, you agree to allow Waff to share your contact information with future users and customers. This is how we'll connect you with others in the Waff community and help you grow your network.

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